The Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies provides degree education, conducts academic research, and offers vocational training courses in the fields of gaming, tourism, and business management. The Centre is dedicated to support the development of Macao as a "World Tourism and Leisure Center", also known as “One Centre”, and the Greater Bay Area. Its mission is to cultivate high-quality gaming management talent and produce high-level research outcomes.

    In line with the Macao SAR Government's goal of building "One Centre," the Centre offers a Bachelor’s degree program in Business Administration, specializing in Gaming and Recreation Management, which has been recognized through academic accreditation by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications, signifying its international-level teaching standards. Graduates of the program have taken up managerial positions in Macao’s integrated tourism and leisure enterprises, contributing to the economic development of Macao.

    In 2019, the Centre started offering a Master’s degree program in Business Administration to align with the national plan for the integrated development of the Greater Bay Area and the Macao SAR Government’s strategy of moderate economic diversification. This program aims to provide higher-level education and research-oriented professionals to support the development of Macao and the Greater Bay Area.

    The Centre conducts research on gaming and tourism-related topics, providing decision-making advisory services to the government, businesses, and society. The Centre’s faculty has received funding from various university research grants, the Macao Science and Technology Development Fund, and other projects. Several research outcomes have been published in internationally renowned journals or adopted by the government and businesses. The Centre’s publication, “Global Gaming & Tourism Research,” supports scientific decision-making for the government and tourism and leisure enterprises, providing a platform for the exchange of gaming and tourism research.

    The teaching staff of the Centre consists of professional teachers with rich teaching, research, and industry experience. The Centre frequently invites renowned scholars and industry experts from both domestic and international institutions to teach in Macao and organize exchange activities with the industry, enabling students to have comprehensive development. The Centre has the world’s largest and most well-equipped simulated entertainment venue, which is used for practical training of degree program students and provides training services to various sectors in Macao. Through collaborations with government departments, the Centre offers training to government employees and Macao residents, having conducted various training courses for a total of 150,000 participants, with a focus on promoting upward mobility for Macao residents.

    The Centre has established partnerships with universities and institutions worldwide, including Sun Yat-sen University, to establish a Gaming Research Center and a postdoctoral innovation practice base. The Centre has also partnered with the global gaming technology testing company BMM to establish MPU-BMM Testing Centre for Gaming Devices and joined forces with the global leisure equipment manufacturer Suzohapp to establish the Asian Gaming Technology Laboratory. These collaborations provide superior technical environments for teaching and research.

    The Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies integrates teaching, research, and vocational training in the fields of gaming and tourism. It will continue to enhance its teaching and research standards, nurture industry elites, and serve the development of Macao and the Greater Bay Area.


    Development Plan 2022-2025

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