The programme combines theories with local knowledge and industry experience, the objective being to prepare high quality management personnel for Macao's gaming industry. Integrating theories and practice, the learning modules are effective in assisting upward mobility for gaming professionals, as well as helping those who would like to join the gaming industry build a solid foundation in theories and practical skills. The mode of delivery is very flexible, offering parallel sessions of morning and evening class, to enable both secondary school graduates and working individuals to undertake the programme.


    4 years

    Teaching Language

    Chinese / English



    Career Prospects

    Public and private enterprises, Gaming Industry.

    The Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies of Macao Polytechnic University has offered “Bachelor of Business Administration in Gaming and Recreation Management” degrees since 2010. More than 200 students have graduated till 2017/2018. The goal of this course is to train specialized talents with a solid theoretical basis and strong practical abilities to be qualified for gaming management. According to the Graduate Employment Survey of 2015/2016, 52% of the graduates who have graduated from the first period have already entered management positions, of whom 33% are junior management personnel and 19% are at middle management levels. 77.8% of the graduates entered the gaming industry. 22.2% of them are pursuing careers in government departments or other industries. This data shows that the employment prospects of graduates from the above course are ideal for those who are interested in gaming management. The gaming teaching and training of Macao Polytechnic University has already produced numerous achievements.

    In order to cultivate professional gaming and entertainment management talents, the course has been set up for general business administration required subjects such as management, marketing, finance & management accounting, financial management, corporate legal environment, organizational behavior, and economics. In addition, 17 other professional subjects related to gaming and entertainment have been also set up including gaming company strategic management, casino mathematics, gaming technology, casino equipment management, table game management, slot machine management, gaming regulation, the social and economic impact of gaming, responsible gaming, leisure gambling psychology and entertainment management. It is currently the most open course for gaming management subjects in Macao. In addition, there are internships for students who can gain practical working experience at the gaming companies during their studies and apply what they have learned.

    In order to cater for the work and study schedules of full-time staff working in the gaming industry, the Centre arranges a choice of two time-slots for each lesson. Students can attend either from 10:00 – 13:00 or from 19:00-22:00, with lessons taught on the same day and by the same professor.  Thus students can flexibly choose their classes to best fit their work schedules.

    The courses are taught by well-educated, professional and experienced teaching teams, with a proven track-record in both teaching and research. Each year, a number of internationally renowned experts, scholars and senior management personnel in the gaming entertainment field are invited to give lectures for students. The Centre also arranges for students to study abroad to broaden their horizons. In the past few years, students have travelled to the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Singapore and South Korea to study and exchange ideas. Periodically, the Centre also arranges students to visit the latest integrated tourism resorts in Macao and communicate with management personnel.

    The Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies has professional teaching facilities and equipment to enable students to learn. There is a mock casino of about 1,000 square metres, a casino cage, a surveillance room and 4 gaming machine laboratories in the centre. Professional teaching equipment includes 90 gaming tables for various games, 140 electronic hybrid gaming machines, electronic scoreboards, electronic shufflers, the angel eye system, electronic roulette machine, electronic spacer, a slot machine operation detection platform and a casino digital monitoring system. Furthermore, there is a special library containing a large collection of gaming related journals, books and so on.

    In addition, the Centre cooperates with a number of institutions such as "MPI-Sun Yet-Sen University Gaming Research Center", "MPI-Sun Yat-sen University Postdoctoral Centre for Innovation and Application", "MPI-BMM Gaming Technology Testing Center", "MPI-SUZOHAPP Asia Gaming Technology Laboratory" etc., to further strengthen the Centre's teaching and research capabilities.

    The Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies of Macau Polytechnic University will continue to make further efforts to develop more high-quality management talents for the Macao gaming industry, will contribute to the upward flow of local gaming staff, and will do its best to ensure the prosperity and stability of Macao.


    Source: Some items in the GTRC Library Collection

    Study Plan








    Local Talents and Professionals




    Candidates applying for admission under this scheme will be exempted from written exams and will stand a chance of gaining early admission after passing an interview. Candidates may apply for entry via the admission scheme for local talents and professionals if they fulfill the following criteria:

    • Application form (with 1.5 inch photo);  
    • A photocopy of valid Macao SAR resident ID card (the original copy should be presented for verification); 
    • Photocopies of the academic reports of the latest 3 years of education (the original copies should be presented for verification);   
    • A recommendation letter by current employer in the gaming industry (Position(s) served and period(s) of employment should be clearly stated in the recommendation letter, which should be signed by person‐in‐charge or department head) ( 1 &3); or
    • Photocopies of all relevant proof of employment (the original copies should be presented for verification) (2 & 3);
    • Photocopies of public examinations results or proof of awards (the original copies should be presented for verification)(if any). 
    • Having completed six years of secondary education and fulfilled the requirements for graduation or those aged 23 or above;
    • Candidates must fill out application during the application period at application】and complete the registration at MPI's Registry in person within the application period by bringing: a printout of the admission application form submitted online, ID document(s), a recent photo and testimonial(s) that verify their eligibility. For more information of this scheme, please check MPI's Local Talents and Professionals Web page.



    1. Applicable to applicants who have at least one year of working experience in the gaming industry with recommendation by the gaming enterprise/company they currently serve;
    2. Applicable to applicants who have at least three years of working experience in the gaming industry with management experience;
    3. Applicants who have served in more than one gaming enterprise / company should also submit the photocopies of all proof of relevant working experience (the original copies should be presented for verification);  
    4. All submitted documents will not be returned;
    5. Any uncertainties relevant to the said regulations will be resolved via the resolution of the Administrative Board of MPU.




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