Student's Corner 學生手冊 Regulations for the Use of Student Lockers

Eligibility of Usage

Registered students in MPI .


Locker Using Period

Starting from the date of locker registration to the end of the study Programme.


Locker Using Registration / Application

Students must complete “Locker Service Application Form” and submit this to the reception (room 101).


Use of Locker

Each applicant must read the “Regulations for the Use of Student Lockers” carefully before submitting their application. Any violation of the locker regulations by users may result in termination of the violator’s right to use of lockers or to apply for such usage.

  • Students are advised to use padlocks to secure their registered lockers.
  • Students are required to vacate their lockers (including the padlock) and leave the doors unlocked before the end of the Locker Using Period. Any items left in the lockers after the Locker Using Period may be disposed of by the Student Management Office.
  • Transferring of lockers to a third person and unauthorized use of either unoccupied or occupied lockers is forbidden. The Institute reserves the right to open and vacate any items left in lockers being used by unauthorized users.
  • The storage of any illegal items or those which would cause a physical danger or a nuisance to the public is strictly prohibited. The Institute reserves the right to open and examine the items in suspected lockers. Students are advised to keep their lockers clean.
  • Graffiti, decorative adhesives or any kinds of stickers, defacement or damage to the lockers is prohibited. Any violation by users may result in the Institute demanding full payment of costs for repairing or replacement of lockers.
  • The Institute is not liable for any loss in relation to damage to property kept inside the lockers.
  • For all requests regarding locker services, students are required to complete a “Locker Service Application Form” and submit this to the Student Management Office.
  • In the case of any uncertainties regarding the application for or usage of student lockers, the decision of the Management Board of MPI shall be final.
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