Student's Corner 學生管理 Student Managment
A database with smart cards (IC-cards) is employed to manage student information. Students will receive their smart cards as long as they are admitted to GTRC. All their training records and performance results are stored in the database. With the consensus of the students, prospective employers can use the smart card as a key to access the students' personal information through Internet. As a result, it is convenient for prospective employers to recruit GTRC students as well as for academic units to manage student data. Moreover, smart cards are very handy for students to carry to their job interviews. It virtually connects three groups of users: students, academic units, and industries.

In addition, GTRC has a career counselling division to assist students for job hunting and applications.


1. Enrollment Requirements:
  Macao residents are at the ages of 19 or above when they enroll. Besides, different courses have their own criteria to accept student applications.
2. Admission Examinations:
  Written: Chinese, English, Computer Skills, and Mathematics.
Interview: aptitude tests, English Oral and Mandarin Oral Skills.
3. Tuition Fee:
  Pre-employment Courses: free for Macao residents.
4. Registration:
  Prospective students are officially informed by acceptance letters. They can afterward process their registrations and receive smart cards.
5. Attendance:
  Only students with attendance rates of 70% or higher are allowed to participate in Examinations/Evaluations. Certificates are awarded to those who have passed their Examinations/Evaluations. 
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