CJT  is well equipped. Apart from classrooms, computer rooms and auditoriums, the CJT  facilities for teaching purposes also include mock casinos, a mock cage, a mock surveillance room, EGM laboratories, computer rooms as well as a library. The latest teaching facilities such as Casino Quality Playing Cards, Intelligent Shoes, Shufflers, Animated Displays, Digital Surveillance Systems and EGM Operation Test Beds are provided for teaching and learning purposes. The library’s collections amount to 30,000 items including academic publications and journals. Electronic resources are available as well.

    Centre Teaching Facilities and Equipment

    Teaching Facilities Professional Teaching Equipment
    12 Classrooms 89 Gaming Tables
    Over 30,000 items in the Libaray’s Collections 140 Electronic Gaming Machines for Teaching and Training Purposes
    4 Mock Casinos 1 Multi Automated Electronic Player Terminal (Sic Bo)
    1 Mock Cage 4 Animated Displays
    1 Mock Surveillance Room 2 Intelligent Shoes
    4 EGM Laboratories with 78 Computers 14 Shufflers
    2 Computer Laboratories with 60 Computers 1 Deck checker
    2 Auditoriums 1 Roulette Winning Number Detector
    Macao Gaming History Gallery 2 Chipping Machines
       3 EGM Operation Test Beds
       4 Digital Surveillance Systems for Casinos
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